Concrete Slab Repair

The most common type of home foundation is what’s known as a concrete foundation slab. This has become the standard choice for many home foundations for a number of reasons, including the strength and durability of concrete. However, this doesn’t prevent some problems or damage from occurring, and it’s important to keep an eye on your foundation. Foundation problems, or any damage, could well have a serious impact on your home, after all. We are the foundation repair experts that can help you correct and repair any damage to your home’s foundation slab, so that you can keep your home safe.

Slab Repair

There’s a few different ways that your concrete foundation slab can be damaged or experience problems. Without a professional team to fix the damage or correct any problems, there could well be serious consequences for your home. So, the sooner you have any repair work done the better. We provide a comprehensive slab repair service designed to fix any foundation problems that you might have. Whether you have a cracked slab or any settling issues, we are the expert team that you can rely on to restore the condition of your home foundation and help protect your home from further damage.


Probably the most common form of damage concrete slab foundations experience is cracks. Cracks can begin to occur due to many different factors, but they aren’t always a reason to begin to panic. The issue with cracks is that they can allow water to more easily penetrate the concrete of your foundation, which can cause serious damage over time if not dealt with effectively, as the water freezes and thaws, expanding and damaging the concrete in the process. So, if you’ve discovered you have a foundation crack, or a cracked slab, we are the expert repair service to call.

House Leveling

The surrounding environment can also cause issues for your foundation. One common example of this is settling, where a foundation sinks further into the ground than intended, often as a result of problems with soil. Without proper correction, this problem can cause serious damage for your home. House leveling, sometimes referred to as foundation leveling or even concrete slab leveling, is the way in which we can correct this problem. This is where your foundation is raised back up to the correct level. Our service provides the best foundation settlement repair cost, so correcting this problem is more affordable than you might think.

Foundation Repair Cost

Given the size and scope of fixing some of the more serious foundation problems, we understand that you might be concerned about the cost. Our services are designed to be as affordable as possible and we make sure that the cost of fixing foundation problems isn’t as much of a burden as you think. As part of this, it’s also worth considering that not fixing any problems foundation will only see them, and the consequences, get worse, which will cost you more down the track. We also offer pier beam repair service.