Pier & Beam Repair

The conditions in Oklahoma mean that along with concrete foundations, pier and beam foundations, or what’s known as a crawl space foundation, are also quite prevalent. This is a type of foundation where the home in raised on a series of wooden piers and beams. This is another type of foundation that we are experts in repairing, as well as the similar block and base foundation. We have all the relevant expertise and experience needed to help to remedy and rectify any foundation problems that you have with your pier and beam foundation. This includes dealing with preventative maintenance and other that’s often required to keep this type of foundation in top shape.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

The expertise of our repair team also covers pier and beam foundation repair. This type of foundation does face a series of unique challenges, so it’s important that the repair team that you choose does have expertise in repairing this specific type of foundation. Given how many homes in Edmond have this kind of foundation, we’ve made sure our service covers it and that we are still the repair team that you can call on when you have a problem with your foundation that you need fixed.

Common Problems

Given that pier and beam foundations are usually made from a different material than concrete foundations, that being wood, there’s a number of different and unique problems and damage that they can experience. This is why it’s important to choose a team that specialises in pier and beam repair. A common problem that can occur is mold growth, which can easily spread in the conditions in the space under your home and result in a number of problems. Rotting is also another major problem that can occur, which can seriously weaken your foundation and require major repair work if not dealt with early.


Much like other types of foundations, pier and beam foundations can experience settling problems, but in a slightly different way. In the case of this type of foundation, different piers can settle into the soil at different rates. The sign that you might have this problem is when you notice you have an uneven floor. Settling problems are one of the many common problems that our team can correct when it comes to pier and beam foundations.

Preventive Maintenance

Unlike some other foundations, many pier and beam foundation problems can be avoided with the right preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid problems like rot and mold in the first place, and stop them before they really spread, as our professional team can identify such problems early and get to work before they get worse. So, regular preventative maintenance and care will really pay off in the long run. So, don’t wait for a problem. Make sure that you stay on top of everything when it comes to your foundation and get preventative maintenance done for your own peace of mind. We also offer basement repair service.