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Given your foundation is out of sight, it can often be hard to fully understand just how important it is and the number of threats that it can face. Foundation problems can cause very serious damage to your home if they aren’t quickly rectified in the right way. And there’s potential for problems to come from a range of different sources. Whatever your problem your home foundation is faced with, we are the foundation repair specialists that can get to work fixing it. We are the foundation repair contractor company with the very best range of quality and professional services designed to protect your home and foundation from damage.

About Us

We are the foundation experts dedicated to one thing: helping you protect your home. Foundation problems do have the real potential to cause serious damage to your home. That’s why staying on top of everything related to your foundation is important. With a little help from our professional service, you can do just that. Our service is experienced in dealing with a wide range of foundations and foundation problems, as well as providing a range of preventative measures designed to protect your foundation to begin with and avoid any major issues. Simply, our expert service can fix foundation problems and keep your home safe.
There’s few issues more serious for your home than foundations problems or damage. But don’t worry. We offer all the foundation repair services that you need to quickly address any damage or major problems and ensure that your home avoids any serious issues. With the best foundation repair reviews around, and the best cost of fixing foundation problems, we are always the best team to call on. We can handle concrete slab repair and pier and beam repair, as well as structural damage repair too. We also provide floor leveling, or what’s known as house raising or concrete slab leveling, as part of our settlement repair services.

Concrete Slab Repair

Most homes nowadays are constructed on concrete foundation slabs. There’s a number of ways that your foundation slab can experience problems or damage over the long term, and many different threats it can be face with. This can include settling problems, or even the potential for a foundation crack. We can repair any damage that your foundation experiences, even a cracked slab. We provide house leveling, also known as foundation leveling, as well as a range of other foundation repair methods.

Pier & Beam Repair

Many homes in Oklahoma aren’t built on the more common concrete foundation slabs but are built on what’s called a pier and beam foundation, or crawl space foundation. This particular type of foundation faces a range of unique challenges and problems. Our expertise when it comes to pier and beam foundation repair, or even block base foundation repair, means that you can still rely on us for help if your home is built on this type of foundation. We can effectively handle problems like rot, mold growth and other common problems.

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Basement Repair

Your basement and foundation go hand in hand in many ways. So, damage or problems in your basement can often have impact on your foundation. For example, cracks in the floor or walls of your basement could make it easier for water to penetrate your foundation and cause serious damage. This is one of the reasons why our basement repair services can be of such importance. We can deal with cracks in your basement, as well as help to repair water damage and problems like bowed, tipped or leaning walls.

Brick, Wood, and Concrete Repair

Our team can repair brick, wood and concrete. This means that whatever repair work you need done in relation to your foundation, you know that we are the team for the job. This flexibility in our services means that we can repair not only all types of foundations, whether they are wood or concrete, but handle additional services like structural damage repair. So, whether find yourself in need of cracked concrete foundation repair or any other repair services, you can count on us.

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Allowing foundation problems to linger will only make the consequences worse for your home. So get on the phone to us ASAP if you’ve noticed you’ve got a foundation problem. We provide the full range of foundation repair services required to rectify any problems or damage. We are the best and most affordable foundation repair service in Edmond, and that’s why we are the best of the “foundation companies near me.” So, call us now and get started with a free foundation inspection estimate.